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Why it makes sense to hire native English copywriters

Why it makes sense to hire native English copywriters

Monday 29th June 2020

Are you considering using non native English copywriters to write content in English? If so, you may want to think again. The problem with writers who aren't 100% fluent is that they often don't fully understand the nuances of the language, including elements such as connotations and subtexts.

An English speaking copywriter is also likely to have a better grasp of inside jokes and puns which are so entrenched in English culture. This can help them keep readers engaged and entertained.

There's a whole culture that comes with the English language, and this can change drastically between regions. Native writers understand regional language use and how it can impact content better than non-natives. Writers with English as their second language often come from different cultures and may struggle to fully understand not just English culture, but how it changes regionally.

Perfect spelling and grammar

Native English copywriters are much more likely to produce copy which is free from spelling and grammar errors. Content written by a non-native person will probably have some grammatical mistakes or incorrect sentence-structures. This will make it awkward to read, and so less reader-friendly.

Here at Blue Streak Content, not only are we native English copywriters, but we're also degree-educated in the English language. Educated at a top 10 UK university, we've studied the intricacies of the language, learning how to write content to an incredibly high standard. We can deliver expertly crafted copy for your business quickly and efficiently.

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