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Turn prospects into paying customers with email newsletters

Turn prospects into paying customers with email newsletters

Thursday 6th August 2020

Newsletters are the ideal way to keep in touch with your customers. However, if they aren't written to a high standard, it's more than likely that they'll go straight into the trash. So if your read rates aren't great, it could be a simple case of poor newsletter writing.

Many business owners use our newsletter writing services because they just don't have time to do it themselves. They find themselves racing to get it done before the deadline, and this can have a serious effect on the quality of writing. If this sounds familiar, it could be time to enlist our services. Our skilled writers have been producing top-quality newsletters for businesses in various industry sectors for many years and can be relied upon to create fresh content that's not just expertly written, but completed to deadline - every time.

The same writer every issue

The problem with many newsletter writing services is that you work with a different writer for every issue. This can lead to content and writing tones that are disjointed and incoherent, which isn't ideal when you're sending out a newsletter on a monthly basis. When you hire Blue Streak Content, you'll work with the same writer for every newsletter (as long as you're happy with their work). Your writer will get to know your business very well, ensuring that the content they produce is of an exceptional standard. What's more, you can rest assured that the content they create will be 100% original.

Taking the hassle out of newsletter writing

Whether you want a weekly, fortnightly or a monthly newsletter, Blue Streak Content can assist. Our newsletter writing service is reliable and really does take the hassle out of writing a top-quality newsletter for your business. Our newsletters will help you to retain subscribers whilst encouraging them to visit your website and find out more. We supply businesses of all sizes with expertly written newsletters based on emails, blog posts and memos sent to us by their marketing departments. We can also research current news in your field, creating a newsletter which will help you stand out as a leader in your niche.