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Article rewriting tools and why you shouldn't use them

Article rewriting tools and why you shouldn't use them

Monday 10th August 2020

Are you considering using an article rewriting tool? Then you're not alone. Thousands of people search for this software every day when they want to quickly duplicate an article several times without facing a penalty from Google or other search engines. However, the implications of using it can be severe. You could find your site takes a serious tumble in the SERPs if you're not careful. Here's more about article rewriters and why you shouldn't use them.

What is article rewriting software?

An article rewriting tool can quickly generate online content automatically, making it appear unique and original. The software can alter a specific text so that it appears new. It does this by using internal programming and computation to exchange certain words for synonyms and using grammatical tricks. Using the tool is very simple, taking just seconds to complete the duplication process. The user inputs their article and clicks "spin the content" to get a completely different article in return. Basically, the message is the same as in the first article, but different words are used to deliver it.

The thought is that Google won't view this content as duplicate and penalise the sites it's uploaded on. Hundreds of these article rewriting tools exist online right now. A quick Google search turns up pages for Spinbot, Duplichecker, and Spin Rewriter, along with countless others.

Why do people use it?

Theoretically, duplicating an article hundreds of times and publishing it online in various places can increase the traffic to your site. With so much content, it's easy to produce numerous backlinks, boosting your business. If you tried to create the same number of links by writing one article and posting it on multiple different blogs or article collection sites, Google would quickly realise and punish those sites for sharing duplicate content.

So, article writing tools can seem like the perfect solution. But - and it's a big but, it can get you in deep trouble if you're not careful. It's basically plagiarism and Google is becoming increasingly competent at identifying cases of article spinning.

Why you should avoid using an article rewriter tool

When it comes to executing a quality article marketing plan for your business, it's best to avoid using article rewriting tools. Although it can be tempting to use this fast and efficient tool to create lots of unique contents at speed, it's considered "black hat" SEO and your search engine rankings could easily nosedive if Google takes a dislike to your shady online marketing activities.

As well as being unethical by trying to trick Google, it also often produces poor quality content which is sometimes unreadable. The software often struggles to know what is meant in the original content, and when it's spun multiple times, the message may get lost completely.

So, even if does pass Google's checks and your site avoids being punished, it's unlikely to be a great read for your audience. The content is unlikely to encourage them to interact or hold their attention for very long. The secret to good search engine marketing is creating high-quality content that's compelling and engaging for the reader - rewriting software is usually unable to deliver this.

If you're serious about implementing a white hat article marketing strategy that gets results, you should take the time to rewrite the article each time it's published.

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