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How much do copywriters charge?

How much do copywriters charge?

Tuesday 18th August 2020

Great content writing that drives sales and boosts brand engagement doesn't have to cost the earth. When you're running a small-to-medium business, you may find the quotes that you receive fluctuate wildly. Thankfully, at Blue Streak Content, our copywriting prices are extremely competitive, allowing even those with the smallest budgets access quality content writing services.

The risks of paying too little

Pay too little for online copywriting services and you may be left unsatisfied. Although many talented copywriters do charge very modest sums to build up their reputations and client networks, most will start to up their prices once the demand for their services has grown. In most cases, you will be met with unsatisfactory content if you are charged suspiciously low prices for online copywriting work. Hiring a cheap copywriter with rock bottom prices can be tempting, however, it's only like to punish you in the long-term. It can do more harm than good to your company, with poor copy hardly likely to cement your status as an authority in your field. At Blue Streak Content, our content writing rates aren't cheap, but they're not overly expensive either. We aim to keep our copywriting prices reasonable and accessible even to clients with small marketing budgets, such as startups.

Don't let them overcharge you

However, many copywriting firms will charge you much more than they should. Some copywriting companies play on the fact many of their clients are unsure about what they should be paying. They will then go on to charge them a sizeable sum in exchange for very little work. Some companies will charge sky-high rates for what they tell you are highly complex keyword and SEO strategies that actually involve little more than selecting a handful of keywords and pumping out generic, uninspiring keyword-stuffed content. Blue Streak Content is not one of these companies.

Natural, human content

We are proud to charge some of the market's most competitive prices for search-friendly content. Although our content does feature important keywords, we never stuff your articles with irrelevant terms. The search engines have become increasingly adept at penalising useless, overly optimised and robotic content that delivers little value to the reader. Our carefully-crafted content oozes personality and is crafted with your audience's expectations in mind. Overly optimised content can actually deliver the wrong results, sending you down the rankings rather than up them.

Keep customers and clients engaged

The more interesting and informative your online content is, the more likely it is customers will return to your site. We can help you become a trusted figure that readers repeatedly return to when they need useful and relevant information. The more time your readers spend on your site, the more likely it is that purchases will be made. Once they are happy with one product and service they have bought from you, there's a big chance they will come back for more.

Reasonable content writing rates

Don't pay astronomical content writing prices - choose Blue Streak Content. Get in touch today to find out more about our rates or our services. The bigger your content writing charges are, the less you have to invest in other areas of your business. Make your budget go further - pay fair, reasonable content writing prices that won't leave you wondering what you're actually forking out for.

How much do Blue Streak Content charge?

Like most copywriters, we charge by the project. That means that the quote we give you will be tailored to your project. We've found that charging by the hour doesn't generally work, either for us or for our clients. We've learned that our clients prefer to know exactly how much much they'll need to pay us before we even begin writing. It can reduce friction at the end of the project and provide clarity from the very start. In many cases, we'll request a deposit. This will normally range between 30-50%.

Can I afford a copywriter for my business?

You may be asking yourself if you can really afford a copywriter for your business. If you want our advice, you're asking the wrong question. The real question you need to ask is if you can afford not to hire one. With quality content essential for helping business' websites climb the searching rankings, partnering with a skilled copywriter is a necessity that most companies can't afford to ignore.

If you'd like a quote for our copywriting services, don't hesitate to get in touch. You can send us a message via the contact form on the site, email us, or call us. We're ready and waiting to discuss your project with you.