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Copywriting for Print

Copywriting for Print

Don't believe what they say - copywriting for print isn't dead. Whilst many in the industry have long been predicting the end of print media, it remains a powerful tool for many businesses. At Blue Streak Content, we offer a range of print copywriting services, writing for magazines as well as various marketing literature such as brochures and catalogues.

Magazine copywriting services

If you're seeking talented magazine copywriters who have a wealth of knowledge and expertise, look no further. Our company founder is qualified to postgraduate level in magazine journalism and has written for publications in a range of sectors. We can produce high-quality articles which can help you sell your brand, services, or product, helping you to stand out as an authority in your field.

Blue Streak Content has been writing copy for print (and online) magazines since 2008. We regularly write for customer magazines, corporate magazines, employees magazines, and more, establishing ourselves as one of the go-to agencies for magazine copywriting. Engaging and informative articles written by our experienced team of magazine article writers can be highly profitable for your business, so why not get in touch to discuss your requirements? If you're tired of receiving poor quality magazine copy and you're looking for a team of writers you can rely on, look no further. Our magazine article writing services are suitable for a wide range of budgets.

Brochure copywriting services

A brochure copywriter can be a huge asset to your business. We may be living in a world dominated by digital media, but brochures can still stand out. When designed beautifully and featuring engaging, relevant articles, they command attention. They reflect your brand and can help your business become established as a leader in its field. Brochures can be an integral part of your branding strategy.

At Blue Streak Content, we know the value of an expertly crafted brochure. It's a valuable piece of literature which can inform existing and prospective customers about your products and services. It keeps your business in their hands and heads, reminding them off what you can offer. If you're ready to start harnessing the power of professionally written brochure content, get in touch today. Our brochure copywriters are waiting to discuss your requirements with you.

Working with skilled designers

Copywriting for magazines, brochures or any other type of print media isn't all about words. Whilst they're what we do best here at Blue Streak Content, we recognise that attention must be paid to design to be able to achieve maximum impact. Copy and design need to go hand in hand. That's why we work with a team of skilled designers who can offer a wealth of creative expertise. When you hire us to magazine or brochure copywriting, we can provide a full service, devising a highly effective print media strategy that's right for your business. So, whether you need a single magazine article writing or you need a whole brochure creating from scratch, we can assist.