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Ecommerce Copywriting Service

For online retailers, great quality ecommerce copy is the digital equivalent of a sales rep, shop assistant, and brand ambassador all rolled into one. There to engage customers at every step of their journey, it guides them to the desired endpoint - a sale. From highly persuasive product descriptions to accurate delivery info, and informative FAQs, ecommerce copywriting is vital for driving conversions and promoting your brand. However big your online store and whatever it is that you sell, one thing's for sure. You need to work with skilled ecommerce copywriters who can craft compelling content for your website.

Irresistible product descriptions

Let's face it, product descriptions are the bread and butter of ecommerce. They're one of the most crucial elements on your whole site. So often, they're the difference between a customer purchasing your product or going elsewhere. With this in mind, it's vital that they're up to scratch. Product descriptions should be engaging, enticing, and focussed on the benefits available to your customer if they choose to buy. If you get these important bits of copy right, you'll see a serious improvement in your conversion rates.

As well as encouraging your customers to click the 'Buy Now' button, great product descriptions can go some way to optimising your site for the products you're selling. So, professionally-written product copy can increase conversions and boost sales. But it can also help your ecommerce website to rank higher, driving even more traffic in your direction. At Blue Streak Content, all our ecommerce copy is optimised for Google and other search engines. This ensures that people can easily discover your product online.

Writing product descriptions for your site can seem like an overwhelming task, particularly if you have hundreds of products or they have very similar features. Fortunately, Blue Streak Content is on hand to take care of your content requirements, with our product description writers available at short notice to begin work on your ecommerce site. We've written for some great brands over the years. Some big, some small, we've loved helping all of them to showcase their fantastic products and drive their brands forward.

Bespoke ecommerce copywriting

When you choose our quality copywriters to write for your ecommerce site, you'll receive a totally bespoke service. We'll make sure the copy we provide is completely tailored to the needs of your business. Whether you're a start-up requiring brand new content for your whole website or an established online retailer looking to refresh and rejuvenate your content, we can assist. We'll work with you closely, with one of our dedicated copywriters focusing on your project from start to finish.

Great quality copy is required wherever your customers find your brand. So, as well as producing high-quality product and sales copy for your website, we can also write content for social media and Amazon. As well as any other platforms where you're looking to promote your products and build your brand online.

Get in touch today to discuss your ecommerce copywriting needs. You can call us on 07771802870 or email us at at any time. We can't wait to discuss your project requirements and create a plan of action for your ecommerce site.